Find Out Where You're Leaving Money On The Table.

It’s Our Goal On This Ad Audit Call To Show You How To Make More Money.

Do these sound like familiar questions you ask yourself?

"How do I lower my cost per lead?"
"Why are my leads low-quality?"
"Why isn't my advertising profitable?"
Many Ad Accounts get a "Set it" and "Forget it" Attitude

As you would expect... these campaigns may have once worked, no longer work.

❌ Some campaigns Never optimize & You're just wasting ad dollars On A Failing Ad.

This can be very frustrating and there are many elements to audit to determine "why isn't this working"

is It the way the campaign is structured?
Is it your offer?
is it your creative?
are you placing your ad in the correct spot?
are you measuring conversions and optimizing?
Is your ad copy clear?

It's kind of like going fishing. 🎣

If you're using the wrong technique or the wrong bait... you won't catch fish.

Maybe your fishing at the wrong time or wrong location.

Many business owners give up instead of trying that one last bait that will make the difference.

✅ A paid ads audit is a surefire way to make sure you're using the right bait.

✅ A paid ads audit is a shortcut to succeed with your online marketing.

Why Listen To Us?

We've seen hundreds of business owners completely mis-manage their digital marketing campaigns into the ground.

They all leave their ad accounts thinking "Facebook Ad just don't work for my Industry"

or "Paid Ads Don't Work Anymore"

we've heard and seen it all...

These are the common Outcomes For Most Companies Advertising Online Today:
They are not reaching the goals they set for themselves
They aren't reaching their Ideal Target Audience
❌ They are seeing rising costs to get leads or Sales
❌ They are not getting quality leads

Very few people requesting to work with them, and teams only got more and more frustrated.

Advestment is in-place today to stop this from being the common theme.

🏆 With 7+ years of goal-shattering advertising campaigns behind us, we started to notice the obvious ways business owners fail to advertise online effectively.

We started to see how and why ads become more expensive.

✅ We started to notice what consistently makes a successful campaign.

We started to notice why campaigns stopped working all-together.

In this ad audit, we'll dive deep and will be comparing what you've tested before with what we've found to work extremely well.

We'll give you insight and tell you what to focus on and how to improve.

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We'll Audit your Ad Account Over Zoom Together

Who Is This For?

This Ad Account Review is for business owners who want to make more money, grow using data-driven decisions, and take out the guesswork with their current advertising.

It's for business owners who are tired of unorganized agencies or team members mis-managing their ad dollars.

This is for business owners who are serious about their growth, want to explore working with a world-class team, and want to partner with someone who's done it before.

How Does This Work?

Here's our process to help you

We start by collecting your business information.

You'll fill out a quick (2-3 question) survey when booking your Zoom meeting with our team. It'll require a few questions that'll help us best-prepare leading up to our meeting.

Then we take this information and build a data-driven full ad account audit.

We'll prepare a competitor analysis report, audit your active ads, see where you stack up to your competitors, and even see how your community responds to your content.

Lastly, we go over these findings on our scheduled call & share how to implement.

We'll go over on Zoom together what our team has found, highlight ways to drastically improve your ad account, and most importantly: STOP WASTEFUL SPENDING.

What We Look At

Here Is Our 6-Pillar Ad Account Audit

Campaign Setup

We'll take a look at how your campaigns are structured and find missed-opportunities.

Tracking & Analytics

We confirm your tracking, analytics, and ads are setup to optimize in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Written Ad Copy

We audit your ad copy to ensure the headlines, body copy, and sub-headlines are compliant and conversion friendly.

Media Quality

We audit your videos, pictures, and all media found in your ad account to see if it's representing your brand/offer well.

Audience Targeting

We dive deep into who you're targeting, how you're targeting them, and provide suggestions for change.

Call To Action (The Offer)

We find out if you have a strong offer, and if you don't - we'll craft one together on our call together.

What You Can Expect